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Check In General Information

Houseboats are maintained by our factory-trained mechanics.  If mechanical problems arise during your stay please call or radio the marina.  Please reference your boat name when calling the marina. You can reach us at 386-822-9992 via phone between the hours of 8:30AM-5:00PM – 7 days a week.  We do NOT make service calls after hours. If you have an emergency or need assistance after hours, please contact Tow Boat U.S. on channel 16 or call 352-348-8697.   Holly Bluff Marina’s labor rate is $100 per hour at the dock or $135 per hour on the water-rate charged from the time we leave Holly Bluff to the time we return. Tow Boat U.S. charges $185 per hour dock-to-dock. You are responsible for service calls ONLY if the damage is caused by you.

You must only use the tissue provided for you on the boat.  You must only put a small amount of tissue in the marine toilet and be sure to clear the line completely by holding the button in for a count of ten.  Other than small amounts of the marine toilet paper we provide, do not put anything into the “head” unless you have eaten it first.  Foreign objects may clog a marine toilet.  To avoid foreign objects falling into the toilet, leave the lid down when not in use.  If there is a toilet issue, you must return to our dock for repair.

If you knock one or more blades off the prop the boat will shake and not maneuver properly.  If you are in the Astor area Tow Boat U.S. (352-348-8697) can replace your prop to avoid a more costly travel charge for our service personnel.

Your boat will draft about 3 feet.  Do not run in less than 4 feet of water. To avoid running aground keep an eye on the depth finder, pay attention to the channel markers and the maps provided in your houseboat handbook.

Engine and generator intakes can become clogged when operating the boat in shallow water, running aground and/or if grass or debris clogs the intakes, which may result in mechanical failure and a service call that you would be responsible for.

The houseboat engines use about 2 and ½ gallons of fuel per running hour at normal cruising speed. The generator uses about 1 and ½ gallons of fuel per running hour.  Please watch your fuel gauge and fill up when necessary.  The fuel at our marina is a high octane non-ethanol marine grade gasoline.  Fueling at other marinas with inferior fuel may damage the engine and generator.  If you are running low on fuel please contact our marina and we will recommend the best place to refuel in the area you are in. Our engines are gasoline, not diesel, so do not put diesel fuel in the fuel tanks.  At the end of your cruise you will return the boat to our fuel dock and we will top off the fuel tanks.  You are responsible for the fuel used upon check-out.

If you do not have a first aid kit, we have some available at the marina that you can take on the boat.  If you open the kit, it becomes yours and there will be a $45 charge.

Fresh potable water is available at the dock and your water holding tank will be filled prior to your arrival.  Bottled water is available for purchase in our marina store. Your boat has a limited amount of water. BE CONSERVATIVE!

Smoking is allowed only on exterior decks.  Smoking inside the boat will result in a $250 cleaning fee.

Your return time and date are clearly marked on your contract.  Please return no later than 4pm for check-out, as this gives us the required time needed to refuel the boat and complete check-out procedures.  Please wash all dishes before your departure and return houseboat in the same condition in which it was received.  A $100 cleaning charge will be applied to boats returned excessively dirty.

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