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Travel and Communication

CHANNEL MARKERS:    Green are odd numbers   /   Red are even numbers

“Red, Right, Returning” tells you to leave the red markers to your right, or starboard, when returning from sea (heading south on the St. Johns River). The green markers are then on your left, or port side.

The opposite is true when heading north on the St. Johns River (to sea).

When traveling North or South stay between the channel markers.


Please refer to your houseboat handbook for suggested mooring and anchoring locations.  During the on-boat orientation, ask one of our crew members for recommendations based on your cruising interests.

Always pay attention to your depth finder and stay in at least 4 feet of water.


Channel 12 – Holly Bluff Marina
Always contact the marina when you have us in sight for docking instruction.

Channel 16 – Emergency
In the event of a medical emergency, use your cell phone to call 911 if possible.

Channels WX, 1, 2, or 3 – Weather
The wind is not your friend!  Always be mindful of wind speeds and avoid cruising during high winds.
We do Not recommend cruising when sustained wind speed is over 15mph.

Never attempt to cross Lake George during periods of high winds.

Channel 9 –  Bridge Tender
You will likely need to contact the Whitehair Bridge (approximately 3 miles north of our marina) to have that bridge raised.  During certain times of year, you may also need to have the Astor Bridge raised. Always refer to the clearance gauge on the side of a bridge to make sure you can pass safely.

Updated Towing Policy
Holly Bluff Marina allows small boats 18’ or under to be towed behind our houseboats. Customer is responsible for providing their own tow line and securing the small boat to the houseboat. Tow lines should only be tied to a corner cleat. On houseboats with no aft cleat a tow line can be securely tied to the base of a hand rail. Under no circumstances should a tow line be tied to a hand rail above the area where the hand rail is welded to the deck.

Use extreme caution when towing a boat to avoid getting tow lines wrapped around the prop and/or causing damage to the outdrive. Customer is fully liable for any and all damage to the houseboat, small boat and any private property or personal injury related to towing a boat from our houseboats. The Optional Damage Waiver does not cover damages related to towing a boat.

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