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RCI USER FEE: $900 This includes the Captain’s Lesson, inventory control, propane (which fuels the grill on the front deck), interior and exterior cleaning, mechanical inspections and sewage pump-out. This fee is payable upon arrival. *The charge for Grand Lakefront Resort Club Timeshare Owners is $100 (Captain’s lesson, propane, pump-out) Damage Waiver Option: Upon arrival, please read the information provided on the contract about damages and initial whether you would like to purchase the damage waiver to reduce your damage liability to the first $500 of any loss. The damage waiver costs $100 per charter. A $500 refundable damage deposit is required at the time of check-in if you purchase the damage waiver and that deposit is refunded to you at check-out if there is no damage. If you are not an experienced houseboater we strongly suggest that you purchase this waiver. If you choose not to purchase the damage waiver then you agree to be responsible for up to $1,500 in damage caused by you. Pet Fee: We accept pets for a fee of $100 which is required at check-in. Shore Power: While at dock your boat is plugged into electric and dockside water. If you choose to stay at the dock overnight you will be charged $10 per night for utilities at check-out. Captain’s Lesson: During the Captain’s Lesson our instructor will teach you how to operate the houseboat. Dockside, the instructor will go through the boat with you from bow to stern. Be sure to pay close attention when the instructor shows you the prop. You will be responsible for returning the prop in the same condition as when you receive the boat. When you return the boat and there is a problem with your prop it will cost $24.00 per blade, $17.65 for the cap and $80.00 for the hub, or a total of $165.00 + tax to replace. The instructor will review the river chart in the Cruising Guide to show you areas of interest and areas of caution. Actual boat handling will be taught to you during the river part of the orientation. The boat handling part of the orientation will be done when all supplies are onboard and your party is ready to begin your cruise. At this time the instructor will back the boat out of the slip and teach you how to drive the boat. When the instructor feels you can handle the boat by yourself you will bring him to the fuel dock where he will disembark and you will be on your own. Pay close attention to the instructor and your stay will be much more enjoyable. Docking at Holly Bluff Marina: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO PUT THE BOAT IN THE SLIP YOURSELF. This is very difficult and only our trained personnel slip the houseboats. If you want to spend the night at the marina, please return to the fuel dock by 4:00 P.M. Marina hours are 8:30AM – 5:00PM. Houseboats that arrive too late to be put in their slip must spend the night moored at the fuel dock. If you arrive after 5PM you can connect yourself to power and will be charged accordingly. Travel Limitations: Our houseboats are allowed to travel up to 20 miles south to the CSX Railroad Bridge at the mouth of Lake Monroe and up to 30 miles north to Silver Glen Springs (or Markers #6 & #7 in Lake George). Our houseboats are not allowed to travel at night. See houseboat handbook for more information. Service Calls: Houseboats are maintained by our factory-trained mechanics. If mechanical problems arise during your stay, please radio the marina on Channel 12 or call us at (386) 822-9992. Please use your boat name when calling the marina. If the boat is not operating properly please notify the marina as soon as the problem occurs. Do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. We do not make service calls after hours. If you cannot reach the marina, call TowBoat U.S. at 352-348-8697. Try to maneuver the boat to a safe harbor out of the main river channel to avoid being in the way of traffic. When calling for assistance be sure you know your location so you can give adequate information to our service personnel. If a mechanical problem occurs that is not determined to be your fault there will be no charges to your account. However, if the service call results from damage caused by you, then you must pay for the service call. Holly Bluff Marina’s labor rate is $100 per hour at the dock and $130 per hour for service calls on the water billable from the time we leave Holly Bluff. Towboat U.S. charges $185 per hour dock-to-dock. The most common service calls due to operator error are the following: Stopping Up The Marine Toilet: You must only put a small amount of tissue in the marine toilet and be sure to clear the line completely by holding the button in for a good 10 count or the toilet may stop up. You may use as much tissue as you want if you put it in the trash receptacle provided in the restroom. OTHER THAN THE MARINE TISSUE WE PROVIDE, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO THE HEAD THAT HASN’T BEEN EATEN FIRST. Foreign objects may stop up a marine head. To avoid foreign objects falling into the toilet leave the lid shut while not in use. If you should stop up the marine head you must return to the dock for repair. Prop Repair: If you damage your propeller, the boat will shake and will not maneuver properly. If you are in the Astor area, Tow Boat U.S. (Channel 16 or cell# 352-348-8697) can replace your prop or tow you to safe harbor. Running Aground: Your boat drafts about 3 feet. To avoid running aground watch the depth finder, pay attention to the river chart and do not run in less than 4 feet of water. Stopping up the Water Intakes: Intakes are stopped up by running the boat through debris in the water, running in shallow water or running aground. If the intakes clog then the engine and/or generator will overheat. If the engine begins to overheat, get to the side of the river, drop anchor, shut off the engine and call for assistance. If the generator shuts down please do not try to restart. Restarting the generator can ruin the water pump and you will be responsible for more cost. To reduce the cost of a service call for the generator, return to the marina so our mechanics do not have to travel from our location. Fuel: The houseboats are very fuel-efficient and use about 2 ½ gallons per running hour at normal cruising speed. The generator uses about 1 ½ gallons per running hour. Please watch your fuel gauge. The fuel at our marina is high octane non-ethanol marine grade gasoline. Fueling at other marinas with inferior fuel may damage the engine and generator. Many places on the river are hard to get into without damaging the boat. We recommend fueling at our marina. If you are running low on fuel please contact our marina and we will recommend the best place to re-fuel in the area you are in. Do not put diesel fuel in the fuel tanks. At the end of your cruise you will return the boat to our fuel dock and we will top off the fuel tanks. You are responsible for the fuel you use at the end of your stay. First Aid Kits: Kits are available at the front desk. There is a $45 charge if you open the kit and then the kit becomes yours to take home. Water: Fresh potable water is available dockside and your water holding tank will be filled prior to your arrival. Houseboat has at least 140 gallons of potable water.  Faucets go through approximately 3 gallons per minute.  BE CONSERVATIVE. Bottled water for drinking is available in the marina gift shop. Smoking: Smoking is allowed on the exterior decks only. NO SMOKING ALLOWED INSIDE THE BOAT. Any violation will result in a $250 cleaning charge. Inventory Damage/Loss: At the end of your stay you will report any loss of inventory to us. You must pay for the loss of lounge chairs, cooler, TV, and any other large items lost or broken during your stay. Miscellaneous: Check-Out: Check out is at 9:00 AM. Please be on time for check-out, as this gives us the required time we need to complete check out procedures. Please wash the dishes you used and return the houseboat in the same condition (ordinary wear and tear expected) in which it was received. A $100 cleaning charge applied to boats returned excessively dirty. Holly Bluff Marina Phone #: 386-822-9992 or 800-237-5105 Have a great cruise and remember… Observe all No Wake and Slow Speed Zones.

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