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Silver Glen

We have an “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK” policy for Silver Glen Springs and the surrounding area of Lake George.

Silver Glen is the most popular destination on the St. Johns River. Unfortunately, the spring has a shallow entrance and run. Plants and sand that are abundant can damage the engine and the generator when sucked up into the intakes. Props are easily damaged in shallow water. Damage could also include repairs to the stern drive, and repairs to the engine and generator due to over-heating. You are responsible for paying for damage to the prop, engine and generator when you run the boat in shallow water.

It can be challenging to properly anchor a large boat in this narrow, shallow spring. For every 1 foot of water, you should have at least 7 feet of line out. For example, if you are in 5 feet of water, you should have a minimum of 35 feet of line out. You should not be anchored or have anchor lines within the navigation area of the spring run.

For most service calls, Tow Boat U.S. Lake George (352-348-8697) is available to assist you on a first-come-first-serve basis, weather and lake conditions permitting.

The service call rate for Tow Boat U.S. is $185.00 per hour dock to dock. The round trip time for travel to Silver Glen Springs is one and three-quarters hours. For example, if you damage a prop and need to have it replaced the minimum charge for travel time will be $278.00. The total cost including labor and parts can be up to $400.00. If you have Boat U.S. or Tow Boat U.S. unlimited towing, there will be no labor cost.

You are responsible for any private property damage and/or personal injury.

Most service calls and damage occur in the Silver Glen area. To help avoid additional costs for service calls and/or damage to private property our advice is to stay within a reasonable range from Holly Bluff, meaning south of Astor Bridge and north of the Wekiva River.

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